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Steel Edge Doors That are Guaranteed for Life!

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Entry Doors that Welcome You Home!

Marc Made Doors’ unique Stainable Steel doors have a classic wood-grain texture deeply embossed directly into the steel facing. This wood graining matches the architecturally correct style and rail graining found in real oak wood doors. A special top coating is applied that permanently bonds to the steel & accepts stain to give you a real wood look. Your new Stainable Steel door can also be painted to match any interior trim you have.

The Strength and Durability of Steel

Every Stainable Steel door is constructed with 22-gauge inner and outer steel face sheets for added strength, durability and security. And since our Stainable Steel doors are made with top quality steel, they won't crack, warp, twist or rot. Even denting is more difficult. And that means years of easy maintenance and trouble-free service for you, the homeowner.

Steel, Wood Grain and Stain

In addition to the strength and durability of steel, you get the rich texture of a deeply embossed wood-grain surface and the warm beauty of a richly stained finish. It’s the perfect combination.

Wooden Door

It's Stainable Steel!

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Stainable Steel Door